Sparkle and refresh – enhance your tired eyes

Did you know that the skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than the skin on the rest of our face? This can make it susceptible to early signs of ageing.

At Dr Emma Clinics, we can enhance your eyes with targeted rejuvenation.

The appearance of the delicate skin around our eyes can be negatively impacted by both ageing and environmental factors. These include sun and pollution, as well as a poor diet.

As we age, collagen, the protein that provides strength and structure to our skin, also diminishes. As a result of this, the skin sags which can lead to dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Dr Emma Clinics can add sparkle to your eyes with tear trough treatment. This non-surgical treatment requires little downtime and produces immediate results.


What is Tear Trough treatment?

Fillers have a key role in improving the groove below the eyelids – the Tear Trough. Tear Trough treatment is a simple non-invasive procedure that refreshes the area around the eyes, eradicating the under-the-eye shadows and dark circles and giving the eyes a rested appearance – and the whole face a brighter, more youthful look.

How long does Tear Trough treatment last?

Tear Trough treatment is safe and can take as little as 30-45 minutes with little to no downtime and on average lasts between 9 to 15 months.

Is Tear Trough treatment safe?

Tear Trough is a very safe procedure if carried out by a qualified medical practitioner. Please ensure you do your research!

Is Tear Trough treatment the same as Blepharoplasty?

No. Tear Trough treatment is a non-surgical procedure which is carried out using dermal filler.

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure whereby a doctor/surgeon removes skin, muscle, and sometimes fat that may be causing the area around your eyes to sag.

What else can I do to prevent tired eyes?

Dr Emma suggests that there are a few steps we can all take to avoid tired-looking eyes.

Alternate between a hydrating eye cream and a retinol eye cream, (designed for the eyes). Apply SPF to the eyes (ensuring it doesn’t go into the eyes of course) 365 days a year.

Orbital Orthobiologic repairing injections are also a fabulous treatment for rejuvenating the eyes whilst also stimulating collagen and other healing properties for a fresher appearance. 

Ensure you get plenty of sleep, enjoy a healthy diet and reduce alcohol whilst increasing your water intake to nourish the skin and stay hydrated. Avoid smoking and sun exposure also help prevent losing our sparkle.

Why is a skin consultation important?

Dr Emma is an empathetic clinician who is mindful that each patient is unique.

She likes to take the time to discover your concerns so together you can create a bespoke treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

In essence, a consultation allows her to understand your wishes and you to learn how she will achieve your desired results.

How to arrange an appointment:

  • Call Dr Emma Clinics on 028 3025 0943 (if out-of-hours, leave a message and we’ll reply soonest)
  • Complete and submit our enquiry form, remembering to state the treatment you want to book in the comments section

Filler consultations cost £50.

If you’re a new patient, (or new to dermal fillers) you must book an initial Dermal Filler consultation with Dr Emma or one of our clinicians which costs £50. You have the option to request a video consultation. Please note: the £50 consultation fee is not redeemable against dermal filler treatment and will cover the cost of the assessment and treatment plan. Once you receive your treatment plan, you can then book in for any recommended treatments.

To secure your appointment: All appointments require a £50 deposit. This is non-refundable, however, redeemable against treatment.

You can view the prices for all of our treatments on our Pricing page

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