Welcome to the pricing page for our Newry Clinic. Please note that services and prices at our other clinics may vary.


  • Treatment Consultation - £50 (redeemable) 
  • Dermal Fillers Consultation (non-redeemable)
  • Skincare Consultation - £50 (redeemable)
  • Urolon Consultation - £105 (redeemable) 


Suitable for wrinkles, frown lines and smile lines

  • One area - £220
  • Two areas - £245
  • Three areas - £275
  • Additional areas - £55

Corrective procedures



  • Lip Refresh £300
  • Bespoke Lip Package £365
  • Lip Flip £195

Information about these treatments


For: Hydrated skin, increased collagen and elastin, improves fine lines and laxity
Used: Face, neck, chest, hands, body.

  • Profhilo
    • Initial Profhilo - 2 sessions (4-6 weeks apart) £525
    • 1 maintenance session (recommended every 4-6 months) £262
    • Profhilo Body (prices/areas confirmed during consult)
  • Redensity - 3 sessions (3 weeks apart) £570

Information about these treatments

Orthobiologic repairing injections

Orthobiologic repairing injections/ Vampire Facial
Used: Face, Under Eyes, Neck, Scalp/Hair


With Senior Therapist

  • Single session £300
  • Course of 3 £800

Our microneedling treatments will now all come with Orthobiologic repairing injections. This uses a patient’s own blood cells to accelerate healing.

Information about this treatment


For: Tighter and smoother skin, tightening lax skin on face/body, tightening jawline and double chin areas.
Used: Face, neck, body

With Senior therapist
(3 sessions recommended 4-6 weeks apart)

  • Intracel Face Only
    • single session £395
    • course of 3 £900
  • Intracel Face & Neck
    • single session £495
    • course of 3 £1,200

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HydraFacial Classic

HydraFacial’s famous 6 step process to exfoliate and deep cleanse, extract, infuse and rejuvenate your skin, includes Dermalux LED phototherapy

  • Single Treatment £157


HydraFacial Express

HydraFacial's 3 fundamental steps to cleanse, extract and hydrate so you wont have to compromise on the signature HydraFacial afterglow. 

  • Single Treatment £99


HydraFacial Prescriptive

HydraFacial’s luxury 7 step process to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, extract, rejuvenate and infuse with tailored skin boosters to target concerns; acne, fine lines & wrinkles, inflammation & redness, sensitivity, pigmentation & sun damage, dehydration.

  • Single Treatment starts from £200


HydraFacial Perk Lip | Perk Eye

An add on to a HydraFacial Classic treatment. Revitalize and exfoliate the most delicate areas of the face with two targeted treatments: Lip and/or Eye Perk.

Includes 1 month of homecare product when taken alongside HydraFacial

Add both HydraFacial perk lip& eye for the total HydraFacial experience.

  • Single Treatment £53


HydraFacial Keravive

Decongest and drastically improve scalp health to support natural hair growth.

  • Single Treatment £350
  • Course of 3 £999


Bespoke facials that transform your skin using state of the art technology and evidence backed, medical grade products. Choose from the options below.

Aqua Gold Facial

  • Single treatment £365

Aquagold fine touch, fondly known in Hollywood as the ‘Golden Cocktail Facial’, uses a luxury gold plated needle system. This system delivers a personalised blend of effective ingredients into the skin through 20 hair-fine micro channels.


Dr Emma’s ‘Vampire Facial’

A combination of Micro-needling & Orthobiologic repairing injections treatment.

  • Face Only
    • Single Treatment £275
    • Course of 3 £725
  • Face & Neck
    • Single Treatment £375
    • Course of 3 £1,125


ZO Medical Facials

Price confirmed during consultation - prices are case specific.

Information about this treatment


Teenage Express Facials

  • Single Treatment £50

30-minute bespoke facial customised to suit skin concerns; acne, acne scarring, redness & inflammation, congested or dehydrated skin.

Must be aged 12-18 to avail of Teenage Express Facial.10% off any products purchased on the day of treatment.


Rejuvenate tired-looking skin

Dr Emma Clinics offer exfoliating skin peels to improve skin tone, colour and texture. The peels also accelerate cell renewal and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The effect is to give you a clearer, more youthful complexion.

Our treatment helps to normalise oily skin, as well as skin prone to eczema and acne.

Treatment helps to reduce the effects of sun damage as well as regulating oil production. It also relieves inflammation, stimulating epidermal renewal and leaving skin looking healthier and smoother.

  • Alumier MD Peels
    • Single Treatment £105-125
  • Red Carpet Peel
    • The perfect treatment to undergo up to 24 hours prior to a big event with the end goal to get your skin ‘camera ready’.
    • Single Treatment £100
    • Course of 6 £525


These intensive peels require skin prep which is prescribed in a treatment plan prior (and post) to the treatment itself.
Pricing will be discussed once a bespoke treatment plan has been devised during the initial consultation

Information about these treatments


Our Weight Management Clinic applies the National Medical Weight Loss Programme (NMWLP) to aid weight management. Dr Tayo, a qualified GP and weight loss specialist, oversees patient assessments and treatments as part of the programme.

  • Consultation £75
  • Blood glucose management injections - prescription starts from £300

Intravenous (IV) Nutrition Therapy

A method of administering vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. By doing so, it is designed to help you achieve positive health and wellness.

  • IV Drips £200-250

  • Shots £30-50

Information about this treatment

GP Specialist Consultation

  • Consultation £75


At Dr Emma Clinics we offer Ultrasound guided joint injections which allows the doctor to see the exact point at which to target and precisely deliver effective treatment. Joint injections can off relief to painful, swollen joints.

  • Ultrasound Guided Joint Injection £375
    • (incl. consultation)
  • Joint Injection
    • One Area £375
    • Two Areas £575
  • Joint Pain Consultation, Assessment & Examination £100
    • (should an injection not be suitable)

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  • Bloods Tests £50-375
  • Mirena Coil Insertion/Replacement £300
  • Copper Coil Insertion/Removal/Replacement £200
  • Coil Removal £175
  • Implant Insertion £249
  • Implant Removal Only £149

Information about these treatments


  • Urolon Consultation - £105
  • Urolon Treatment - £2895


  • Menopause Consultation £150
  • Follow up £80
  • Blood Tests £50-375
  • Mirena Coil Insertion/Replacement (for HRT regime) £300

Information about these treatments


BBL HERO Laser Treatment

  • BBL Active Acne - £300
  • BBL Body - £700
  • BBL Corrective Treatment - Face - £350
  • BBL SkinTyte - £440

BBL treatments will be available from 22 November 2023

Booking Terms and Conditions

Dr Emma Clinics charges a deposit fee of £50-£105 (clinic/treatment dependant) for each consultation/appointment. We ask for payment at the time of booking and this fee is strictly non-refundable, however you can reschedule the time & date of your appointment, if required, up to 48 hours in advance without extra charge. We allow for one cancellation and one rescheduling per booking. We require a minimum of 48 hours notice to reschedule or cancel any appointment. Where this notice period has not been provided, deposits will be lost as it would be deemed a late cancellation.

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