Our Menopause Clinic serves women in Newry and Mourne and across County Armagh and County Down. We offer private consultations and self-pay holistic treatments for women experiencing conditions related to the peri menopause or menopause. We also offer patients from further afield the option of a virtual consultation.

Dr Emma’s all-women clinical team are highly qualified in assessing and treating menopausal women who may be struggling with the significant and often under-diagnosed health and mental impacts of the menopause.

We create a bespoke HRT plan for patients alongside an individualised risk assessment and treatment programme to help improve their physical and mental health throughout the menopause.

Sometimes we prescribe a Mirena coil insertion (IUS) which offers uterine (womb) protection when used alongside oestrogen given as gel, spray, patch or tablet.

The Mirena coil is also very useful for heavy menstrual bleeding, which can be problematic heading towards the menopause. In addition, it provides contraception which is important to consider during this time. The Mirena coil can remain in place for 5yrs before it needs changed. More information about the Mirena coil on our Contraceptive Implants page.

We also treat women suffering Urinary Incontinence or involuntary leakage of urine which affects menopausal women and postnatal women following childbirth. For more information, see our page that deals with Urinary Incontinence.

This is what to expect from a typical menopause consultation

  • detailed discussion about your peri/menopause journey
  • explore past medical / surgical / gynaecological history – a summary printout from your GP can be helpful to bring along if possible
  • explore lifestyle factors
  • family history
  • discussion of risk and benefits of HRT or other treatment options

Dr Fíonna McDonald, our lead women’s health clinician, is an experienced GP who is passionate about women’s health and has done additional training in contraceptive techniques and menopause care. She is a member of the British Menopause Society and also an Associate member of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health. Read more about Dr Fíonna.

The starting point for patients is to book a consultation to discuss treating your menopause symptoms. This consultation is available at our clinic in Newry (face-to-face or virtually). You can phone us to book a consultation (Newry 028 3073 1035) or, if you have questions or prefer a call back, use our contact form to get in touch.


How to arrange an appointment:

  • Call Dr Emma Clinics on 028 3025 0943 (if out-of-hours, leave a message and we’ll reply soonest)
  • Complete and submit our enquiry form, remembering to state the treatment you want to book in the comments section

You can view the prices for all of our treatments on our Pricing page

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