Contraceptive coil implants (IUD intrauterine device or copper coil) or birth control at Dr Emma Clinics. We offer this private contraceptive service on a self-pay basis to women in Newry and Mourne and across County Armagh and County Down. We also offer private female patients from further afield the option of a virtual contraceptive consultation.

Long-acting reversible contraceptive implants, such as coils and in-arm, are extremely effective at providing excellent contraception and avoid the pitfalls of human error such as incorrect pill taking or accidents when using a condom. The coil insertion procedure is the same, whether Mirena or copper IUD.

At your consultation our GP gynaecology specialist will discuss the options and work together with you to decide the most suitable method. The long-acting and reversible contraceptives we have available are:

The Copper Coil (IUD)

This is inserted into the womb via a minor procedure.  It creates a hostile environment for any sperm reaching the womb and effectively kills them off. It can be used as emergency contraceptive if inserted within 5 days of intercourse depending on the timing within your menstrual cycle.

Mirena (IUS)

Intrauterine systems are similar in shape to the copper coil but release a small amount of hormone directly into the womb lining.

  • They provide contraception by creating a mucus plug over the cervix to prevent sperm getting through.
  • They also thin the lining of the womb – this usually results in lighter shorter periods.
  • They may or may not inhibit ovulation.

The Mirena coil is licensed for 6 years for contraception when inserted in someone under 45 years old. If inserted for someone over 45 years it can remain until 55 years for contraception or control of heavy menstrual bleeding. It is licensed for 5 years when used as part of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

The Kyleena is licensed for 5yr for contraception and heavy menstrual bleeding control. It is not suitable for use as part of HRT.

The Kyleena is smaller and has a lower dose of hormone making it more suitable for women who have never had a pregnancy or have never had a sexual partner.

NExplanon Contraceptive implants

Sometimes known as ‘the bar’ or ‘the rod’, the NExplanon implant is a small rubbery device inserted into a woman’s non-dominant arm under a local anaesthetic.

It slowly releases a progesterone-type hormone into the blood stress which then causes a mucus plug to form over the cervix and also thins the lining of the womb. Periods should become lighter and less painful. They may become irregular and prolonged spotting is common in the first few months. Often periods will stop altogether or become less frequent.

Other progesterone type side effects include mood swings, acne, breast tenderness and change in libido. These may be more noticeable in the first few months after insertion but will usually settle in time for the majority of women.

Our Birth Control service for women is led by Dr Fíonna McDonald, an experienced GP who is passionate about women’s health and has done additional training in contraceptive techniques and menopause care. Fíonna is also an Associate member of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health. Read more about Dr Fíonna.

If your male partner is interested in a Vasectomy, our Men’s Health Clinic led by Dr Tayo provides a vasectomy service using keyhole surgery from our Newry Clinic. Find out more about our Male Sterilisation service and about Dr Tayo.

The starting point for patients is to book a Birth Control consultation with Dr Fíonna. This consultation is available at our clinic in Newry (face-to-face or virtually). You can phone us to book a consultation (Newry 028 3073 1035) or, if you have questions or prefer a call back, use our contact form to get in touch.


Can IUDs be used as emergency contraception?

The copper-releasing intrauterine device (IUD) can be used safely for emergency contraception, with 99% effectiveness if fitted within 120 hours (5 days) after unprotected sex. And, once fitted, you can keep it and have effective birth control for years.

How are coils inserted (Mirena/Kyleena IUS or Copper IUD)?

We aim to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. We would encourage you to have taken something to eat and drink prior to your procedure.

The procedure is relatively painless, but you have the option to take simple painkillers, like Paracetemol or Ibuprofen, 30mins before your appointment.

The depth of the womb is measured and then the coil is inserted swiftly and gently using its insertion device.

Some women report cramping pains similar to period cramps for a day or 2 after the procedure as the coil settles. Usually this can be eased with simple painkillers. But if it gets worse or doesn't settle then it may need further review. 

Are there side effects of Mirena/Kyleena IUS devices?

The most common side effect of Mirena/Kyleena is change to the menstrual cycle - periods should be less heavy/painful but there may be prolonged spotting (light bleeding) particularly in the early months and you may not have a regular, predictable period. For many women the period stops altogether. 

The majority of the progesterone hormone acts within the womb and only a small amount is released into the blood stream. Please note some women who are sensitive to progesterone type hormones may experience mood change, breast tenderness, acne or change in libido.

Are there side effects of Copper IUD?

The most common side effect of Copper IUDs is making periods heavier and more painful. 

Because of this, there is a higher risk of the Copper IUD accidentally falling out with a heavy bleed.

However if periods are not heavy prior to insertion, then a Copper IUD can make an excellent choice for women who wish to avoid hormones. 

How long does Copper coil last?

You have the option of a 5 year or 10 year Copper coil - and the pros and cons of these can be discussed at your consultation.

How does IUD removal work?

IUD removal is a fast and relatively painless procedure carried out in clinic by our gynecologically-trained clinician. We have specialist instruments to assist IUD extraction if it doesn't come out by our usual method.

How to arrange an appointment:

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  • Complete and submit our enquiry form, remembering to state the treatment you want to book in the comments section

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