Also known as the 8-point or ‘liquid’ facelift,  this non-surgical method of facial rejuvenation is an advanced and innovative treatment that injects dermal filler to specific areas of the mid-face. The result is to lift, contour and revitalise the whole mid and lower face. Our focus is on achieving a naturally youthful looking appearance.



This procedure targets and injects high grade dermal fillers to 8 key areas of the mid-face to lift, contour and revitalise the whole mid and lower face.

By using dermal fillers strategically in 8 areas, the overall look is more natural – leaving you with a youthful glow without looking ‘overdone’. 


Each position plays an important role in leaving your skin looking refreshed, plumper and more youthful. The 8 point facelift areas include; 

Cheekbones & Cheeks

Dermal filler helps to restore definition to your cheekbones, giving structure and support to your mid and lower face. Separate injections are carried out on the cheeks themselves. By adding volume to your cheeks, you get that peachy, youthful look. Cheeks are the most fleshy part of your face, so when your skin begins to sag, it’s this area that can have a significant effect on your appearance. 

Under eye/Tear Trough

The delicate skin of the under eye area can become sunken and shadowed from as early as your teens. Dermal fillers will smooth the area, reducing dark circles and lines making you look more alert and awake.

Nasolabial Fold

The nasolabial fold is the deep crease that runs from the nose towards the corners of the mouth. As you age, the loss of fat in this area causes the crease to deepen, giving your face an older look. Dermal filler in this area helps to create a softer profile with a more even surface.

Mouth Corners

As the support at the corners of your mouth begins to deplete, vertical lines can form from the corner of your lips down towards your chin. These lines, known as Marionette lines, can make you look much older and even change your resting expression to appear sad or displeased. Filler here can restore your smile and give the lower zone of your face better balance.


The ageing process can affect the definition of your jawline, as the skin droops, your jawline softens. Dermal fillers help to angle the jaw, so your overall face shape is rejuvenated.


One of the most incredible aspects of the 8 Point Facelift is that it can be done in under 60 minutes. 

The 8 Point Facelift is incredibly customisable, allowing you to focus on your most problematic areas. During your initial consultation, you will be able to discuss your desired outcome and we will work to ensure that you love your new look. We will examine your face while resting and moving to make the best assessment for treatment. 

The actual treatment begins with the application of a topical anaesthetic to reduce the sensation of the injections. Some patients report feeling a little pressure from the injections, but it’s not a painful process. 

There is minimal downtime following the 8 Point Facelift, and the results can be seen immediately. You should avoid alcohol, direct sunlight and sunbeds for at least 24 hours after.


The 8 Point Facelift takes a whole face approach, rather than treating a single area. By treating the whole face, you are left with a natural look instead of a single focussed area. The 8 Point Facelift is ideal if you have more than one area of concern and would like a significant transformation.


A full consultation is required discuss your expectations and whether or not this treatment is suitable for your concerns.

How to arrange an appointment:

  • Call Dr Emma Clinics on 028 3025 0943 (if out-of-hours, leave a message and we’ll reply soonest)
  • Complete and submit our enquiry form, remembering to state the treatment you want to book in the comments section

If you’re a new patient, you must register with Dr Emma Clinics before you can book a treatment. An initial skin consultation with Dr Emma or one of our clinicians is part of the registration process, which costs £50. You have the option to request a video consultation. To arrange your skin consultation, get in touch by phone or form (see above).

If we’ve already seen and treated you at one of our clinics, you’ll already be registered as a patient and you can arrange an appointment directly (see above).

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