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Harper’s Bazaar – 25 September 2020

Dr Emma spoke to Harper’s Bazaar about hot skincare ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide, as part of their Beauty Glossary series:

Benzoyl peroxide is an organic peroxide that acts as a non-specific oxidising agent,” explains Dr Emma Cunningham. “In simple terms, it works by releasing oxygen on the skin to help destroy bacteria.” What’s especially great about benzoyl peroxide is that bacteria does not easily develop a resistance to it, as can be the case with antibiotics, so you can use it for a more prolonged length of time if required.⁣

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Dazed Beauty – 24 September 2020

Dr Emma spoke to Dazed Beauty about the dangers of people using dangerous ‘hacks’ to try to whiten their teeth at home:

Dr Emma Cunningham, a dentist and founder of Dr Emma Advanced Aesthetics clinic, says although hydrogen peroxide is very effective for whitening teeth, the use of it is not advised without the supervision of a dentist using custom made whitening trays. “If there is no seal between the tooth and the gingival tissue, there can be leakage of peroxide onto the tissues causing severe burns and in some cases irreversible damage,” she says. ⁣

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OK! – 18 September 2020

Dr Emma spoke to OK! Magazine about cheek implants:

“Cheek fillers are used to restore lost volume, creating extra definition and to lift to the face,” Emma began.

She continued to say that cheek filler provides results such as “creating contour and definition,” as well as “adding volume and lifting and projecting the mid face to restore harmony and balance as we age.”⁣

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